• My Credentials

    My technical career spans 30 years.  I started out as a Keypunch Operator then over the years advancing up the technical ladder.

    Working in Washington, D.C. on the DOJ Cats project for 18 years, I was involved in initial development of the system modules, reports and eventually developing a new system reporting architecture using Java, DB2 Sql and JReport (a reporting software). 

    The last 9 years on the CATS project, I was involved in developing Java application business modules that used Web technocolgies that included HTML, Java,  JSP (Java Server Pages) and Javascript.

    I have been developing websites for the past 10 years.  My websites are designed for small business, churches and non-profit organizations.  Weather you need simple website to get your business on the internet or your business requires a more complex approach, I can help you with your business requirements. 

    My websites are always affordable.  I have multiple web pricing plans to fit every budget.
    If you have an further questions or you would like a price list, please fill free to contact me at mtroxell1@verizon.net or cal me at 301-271-7169.